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  • Every single experience, lived in a right way, becomes part of you, forever. Those only, are the experiences that will makes you rich

  • Enjoy and experience the local life, without be convinced that you always need to ‘teach’ something, but be opened to learn from other cultures

  • Travel and approach the destination with the right mood, be aware that you are just a guest and that every passage, every step, leaves indelible traces

Change your point of view

My escape in Omani territory, allowed me to be in contact with a new world, completely unknown

for me and breathe that atmosphere, so unique, so particular. This experience, has changed the

view of many aspects of my life.

“The Desert Camp was comfortable, clean, beautifully decorated, super efficient.”

Why choose us


We thrive to be creative when it comes to study a new package: we constantly travel Oman and UAE seeking new authentic and exciting services for you. We can design special programs based on your budget and lifestyle without compromising on service quality and authentic Arabic experiences  


If you are looking for a dedicated & committed organization to make Oman holidays a successful part of your product portfolio, our TEAM is able to give you all the support required. We understand the needs of our corporate & individual client and we like to satisfy your expectations in terms of speed and quality  


We like to be glo-cal : GLOBAL & LOCAL. Iternational Management from all over the world  permit us to better understand your needs. Our International Team and representatives have the outstanding level of professionalism to understand and submit always the standards required